Manage Your Broker/Manage Your Budget – Answer to Where are We

Manage Your Broker/Manage Your Budget – Answer to Where are We

Diversify Your Career Skills

This class is for Beginners to 10 Years’ Experience. It is designed to provide the student with an
extensive look at issues surrounding Wills and Heirships and how they apply to Chaining Mineral Title,
Leasing Oil and Gas Minerals, and Curing Title Defects. This course picks up where the Basic Combined
Title and Lease Essentials course leaves off.

It has a section titled “I got my minerals from Uncle Bob” and other such workshops whereby the
student can see what happens when people claim to have acquired mineral interest when in fact they
have not and how to resolve such issues.

The course covers issues in Oklahoma and Texas as well as teaching the basics for performing this work
in multiple states.


• Where are We?
• Understanding Land Company Organizational Charts
• Maintaining Land Budgets
• Manage Data – Job Order Forms - Samples
• Manage Data – Well Status Reports - Samples
• Manage Data – Title Progress Reports - Samples
• Manage Data – Lease Activity Reports - Samples
• Manage Data – Combined Title and Lease Progress Reports – Samples
• Report Template – Download

The course writer and instructor:
David Melton
Dr. Pat Fitzgerald

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But let's hear what actual graduates have to say:

After finishing your class in August and now it being the first of October, I actually got a job last week working full time for a landman in Santa Fe handling federal leases.   I will tell you that they say what I learned in your class puts me ahead of the game so it was time and money well spent.

K. Haase

Dear David,
Thank you for the truly informative course held last September.
I have completed my first year as an in-house landman for a petroleum company and can’t imagine how I could have achieved it without your excellent tutelage.

R. Sidwell

Enrollment Options

Self-Paced Online

  • Printed Course Manual Not Included / Available Separately
  • Testing, Homework, and Workshops
  • 16 Course Contact Hours
  • Available for Six Months