Combined Title and Lease Essentials

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This class is for Beginners to 10 Years’ Experience and is designed to provide the student with an in-depth
look at the general practices of a Petroleum Landman.
The course comes with the Master Class Series – Title, Beyond the Courthouse, where the students
learn how to use online sources for viewing title documents and search engines for finding missing
heirs and people along with the BLM website.
In addition, the course comes with the Online Chain of Mineral Title Workshop where the student
learns to create and work with a Title Worksheet, Run Sheet, Create an Ownership Report and actually
chains mineral title on 640 acres in Oklahoma from using scanned images.
The course covers issues in Oklahoma and Texas as well as setting the stage for understanding how to
perform this work in multiple states.

A Three-in-One Learning Experience

Three essential courses combined into one class offer learning opportunities unmatched in the industry


Combined Title & Lease Essentials Course
The basic principles of what is required as a petroleum landman, including roles and functions, legal concepts, and various reports.


Online Chain of Title Workshop
You will learn the steps for how to create an actual mineral title and then complete a Chain of Title report.


Master Class Series: Title, Beyond the Courthouse
Finding necessary documentation, creating specialized reports, and utilizing government resources are some of the skills this series offers.


Combined Title & Lease Essentials Course

  • Who Needs a Landman – Oil and Gas Industry from chaining title, leasing, settling surface use and damages, wind energy, seismic companies, right-of-way companies, telecommunications, and natural gas pipeline companies.
  • Defining the Landman’s roles and functions.
  • Concepts of land ownership/Types of Land Ownership.
  • Land legal descriptions for land located in the rectangular survey system and by metes and bounds, such as land found in Texas.
  • We will be discussing instruments which affect real property and how this important issue will dictate your reports and leasing efforts.
  • How to recognize and apply the recording statutes of different states.
  • How to chain mineral title along with a hands-on title workshop where you will be actually chaining mineral title over a full section of land in Oklahoma and creating your own ownership report.
  • We will go critical issues regarding probates and heirship issues and you will have the ability to participate in another hands-on workshop.
  • The initial steps to perform prior to chaining title or leasing.
  • Your trip to the courthouse is a section we will discuss that explains the different offices and how to utilize them along with finding lost heirs.
  • We will be discussing the different regulatory considerations such as drilling and completion reports, well plugging reports and change of operator forms and how to locate the new operators as well as spacing and unitization rules.
  • Next, we will guide you through the task of calculating working interest and net revenue interest and provide you with a hands-on workshop.
  • Next, we go over in great detail the oil and gas lease.
  • We explore leasehold reports and well ownership reports.
  • We go over how to perform due diligence from the land perspective.
  • We go over HBP or Held by Production theories in Oklahoma and Texas and you will participate in a hands-on workshop for a tract of land with two wells on it in Oklahoma.
  • We discuss the American Association of Professional Landmen’s Code of Ethics and Standard of Practices and go over violation examples to help you not get into issues while working as a landman.

Chain of Title Workshop

  • This is a self-paced online format.
  • You will be guided through the steps necessary to create a mineral title ownership report for a section of land in Oklahoma consisting of 640 acres.
  • You will examine actual filed documents from the courthouse.
  • The instructor will assist you in creating your reports and go over the ownership chain of title covering the North Half of the Section.
  • You will complete the report on the South Half of the section and turn in the full report.

Master Class Series: Title, Beyond the Courthouse

  • Finding Patents – Utilizing the BLM Online Search tools
  • Finding Original Survey Maps – Utilizing the BLM Online Search
  • Understanding Abstract Company Runsheets
  • Understanding Online Record Search Engines for such things as Grantor/Grantee information
  • Understanding Tract Indexes from County Clerk’s Office
  • Creating Runsheet/Title Worksheets from the information you gathered at the abstract company or the county clerk’s office
  • Where to Find Company Information through the use of online entities such as NADOA or the Secretary of State
  • How to Utilize the County Offices such as the County Assessor’s Office, County Treasurer’s Office, and the County Court Clerk’s office
  • Using People Finding Search Engines – Find Missing People by Utilizing relatives
  • What to put in a Final Mineral Ownership Report by Continuity Reporting

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After finishing your class in August and now it being the first of October, I actually got a job last week working full time for a landman in Santa Fe handling federal leases.   I will tell you that they say what I learned in your class puts me ahead of the game so it was time and money well spent.

K. Haase

Dear David,
Thank you for the truly informative course held last September.
I have completed my first year as an in-house landman for a petroleum company and can’t imagine how I could have achieved it without your excellent tutelage.

R. Sidwell

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