Partner Center

​IEM Partner Portal

How to use your tracking links

  • Under the Promotional Tools tab below, choose a Products To Promote category from the dropdown menu.
  • Copy your unique tracking link and paste it to your social media, email marketing, blog article, website, banner ad, etc.
  • The unique tracking link will place a tracking cookie in the visitor's browser. If that visitor makes a purchase, you will earn a 10% commission.

​Earnings and Reports

  • ​The Earnings tab will show you a comprehensive report of how much in commissions you have earned and what has been paid to you already.
  • ​The Reports tab shows how many people clicked one of your tracking links, how many opted in (filled out any form, including a newsletter signup), and sales data.
  • ​The Settings tab will allow you to update your PayPal account email (how you will be paid), along with your Partner Portal password.